Colin Blundell

It is a very unfortunate fact that many definitions of haiku you’ll find on the Internet, or even in serious books & anthologies, start off by saying that it is a Japanese poetic form in three lines with syllables distributed
5-7-5, line by line. The majority of existing haiku-writers since Santoka
(1882-1940) changed the concept…

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The skirt

My father and mother travelled a lot. They had not had the possibility in their youth. In the 30thies there was a lack of money and during the Second World War it was excluded.

They were in Japan one year before me. As I packed my suitcase my mother strongly recommended me to take the medium…

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When I first met Henderson.

was very young when I visited Japan for the first time. It was in 1961. I  was on board a Danish ship as a wireless-operator, and we were bound Moji in the southern part of Japan. I found everything so interesting and beautiful  and was fascinated and strongly  moved by Japan, and I loved the…

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